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Portland Sober Living is a 12 Step focused recovery residence where men can rebuild their lives while living in a safe, supportive, and substance-free environment. Our mission is to help residents develop a strong foundation for continued sobriety as they begin to transition back into the community.Portland Sober Living is operated by The Family Restored, a New England based nonprofit that works to strengthen and support families affected by addiction. The Family Restored programming is centered on family-identified needs, offering weekly family support groups, 12-step workshops, educational sessions and scholarships to assist financially with treatment and early-recovery housing.

Individual Recovery

12-Step focused recovery is an integral part of our residents’ success. Residents are challenged to achieve goals geared towards spiritual growth, employment, family, education and more. Founded by addicts in long-term recovery, our residents receive individual mentorship and a fellowship of men who have faced and overcome a similar struggle.

Family Recovery

Having an open relationship with the family is a priority of Portland Sober Living. With the resident’s permission, the family will be invited to take part in the resident’s recovery process. We establish regular family contact and offer guidance on how to effectively support your loved one.

The Family Restored offers comprehensive resources for family members. For information on family support groups, workshops, and educational sessions please visit The Family Restored’s website.


Our residence is located in the heart of Portland, making it easier for individuals to get connected to the thriving recovery community in this city. Being in such close proximity to hundreds of businesses and daily 12 Step meetings; residents will find that everything they need is accessible by foot or public transportation. We link residents to the Portland Recovery Community Center and local staffing agencies to quickly establish healthy connections within the community.


My decision to come to Portland Sober Living has been one of, if not the most beneficial decisions I’ve made so far in my recovery. PSL housed the structure, integrity and accountability I was looking for. My stay here has provided me dear friends and a connection with a recovery network like one I have never known.  Everyday my stay proves to make me grow into the responsible man I was always destined to be. The house was strongly suggested to me and for good reason. Portland Sober Living is where my path to recovery thouroughly began and to this house I am eternally grateful.

My experience at Portland Sober Living from day one was amazing. I briefly stayed in touch with my friends from treatment and listening and comparing their halfway houses to mine I knew not only was I extremely lucky, but blessed as well. It was the environment I needed to make my beginning. The friendships I made, the structure that I was provided, the education I obtained, and the encouragement to go to meetings, get a sponsor, and the work the steps crucial to my sobriety.

Though Portland Sober Living is my first sober house experience and this being my first attempt at getting free of my life of substance abuse, I truly feel that the support and structure here has made this transition very manageable for me. Becoming accountable for my actions and words here at Mechanic street, spiritual-emotional growth is gaining traction everyday.

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