Portland Sober Living is a firm believer of 12 Step Based Recovery. Every resident must be actively working the 12 Step process with a sponsor and be making measurable progress in their step program. Residents are held accountable with weekly checkins, house meetings and weekly one on one individual sessions with the house managers.

General Expectations for all residents in Portland Sober Living:

  • Remain alcohol and drug free
  • Active participation in a 12-step program, including a mandatory number of meetings
    per week and proactive sponsorship
  • Maintain a reasonable schedule comprised of school, employment and/or volunteer work
  • Mandatory attendance at all house meetings
  • Compliance with all program rules and expectations such as curfew, chores, and participation with the group
  • Remain free of newly developed sexual or exclusive relationships for first 90 days
  • Show up, willing and interested in making real change
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